‘We have to interrupt’: Networks cut away from Trump’s post-election briefing, Twitter hides posts

President Donald Trump delivered a news briefing from the White House on Thursday as ballots were still being tallied in states across the United States following Tuesday’s election.

Even as he was in the process of detailing his view of the results, which had not yet delivered a clear winner of the presidential race, several mainstream media outlets cut away from the president’s remarks, Breitbart reported.

“Tremendous corruption and fraud”

Trump’s East Room briefing on Thursday was the first time he had publicly addressed the election since speaking to a crowd early on Wednesday morning from the same area of the White House.

Nevertheless, a number of media companies chose to instead feature panels of pundits prepared to dispute what the president proclaimed. Furthermore, Twitter has opted to hide a number of the president’s recent tweets — including one containing a video clip from his White House news conference — behind a warning that the contents could be misleading.

For the record, Trump’s press conference revolved around three main themes: issues surrounding the 2020 election, his administration’s impending litigation to address them, and the need for a fair election process.

“Democrat officials never believed they could win this election honestly,” Trump said, according to Breitbart. “I really believe that that’s why they did the mail-in ballots, where there is tremendous corruption and fraud going on.”

As a result of what he labeled “shenanigans,” Trump said that the case is likely to end up in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court.

“We think there’s going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence, so much proof, it’s going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land, you’ll see,” he claimed. “We think there’ll be a lot of litigation because we cannot have an election stolen like this.”

“The integrity of the election”

Trump went on to assert that his administration’s “goal is to defend the integrity of the election,” adding that it “will not allow the corruption to steal such an important election or any election for that matter.”

Television viewers tuned in to ABC, CBS, and NBC, however, saw the coverage cut short. Fox News explained in its own report how NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt handled the interruption.

“We have to interrupt here because the president made a number of false statements including the notion that there’s been fraudulent voting,” Holt told viewers after the network cut away from the president. “There has been no evidence of that allegation by his campaign.”

With similar input by anchors at the CBS and ABC newsdesks, there seems to be new evidence to bolster the claims of those who believe mainstream media outlets have helped usher in a dark period of American politics.

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