Network called out for equating illegal immigration with historic civil-rights battle

 May 17, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A network report – that started out to note the anniversary of the famed Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling that triggered a significant advance in civil rights in America – is being blasted.

Because, according to a commentary at Newsbusters, it quickly descended into equating those civil rights issues with being an illegal alien in America.

The commentary charged, "The hardships resulting from the choice to come into this country outside our lawful immigration system is not even within the same galaxy of comparability as enduring the horrors of slavery and/or the post-Reconstruction regimes endured by descendants of the formerly enslaved. The old Jim Crow regime is, in fact, nothing at all like illegal immigration, no matter how much the left or CBS correspondent Janet Shamlian would like to make it so."

It continued, "To suggest as much in a news report is a grievous insult, both to history and to human decency."

The publication reported the report "began innocuously enough, and initially appeared to have been a straight commemoration of Brown v. Board."

But then it took a turn.

After citing the historic involvement of the school district in the fight for civil rights in America, the correspondent for the network went on: "The historic district is transforming once again. This time opening its doors to refugees and migrants."

The correspondent speculated about "any connection you can draw there between what’s happening now with these kids and the situation at the time?"

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