Netanyahu Flees Campaign Event After Rocket Attack

Even Israel’s Prime Minster isn’t safe from violent attacks…

Special agents had to whisk Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu off stage during a campaign rally in Israel last night after multiple rockets were fired at his location.

It was sheer pandemonium. Netanyahu was led away from the crowd while air sirens were blaring in the background. And all the while, Netanyahu could be heard pleading with supporters to remain calm during the dangerous situation.

According to Fox News:

“Netanyahu told the audience at the Likud rally in Ashdod to remain calm as security guards led him away and air raid sirens blared. He returned minutes later and continued addressing the crowd.”

Reports indicate that there were at least two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip toward the cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod. And Israel Defense Forces say that those rockets were intercepted by an advanced Iron Dome missile system.

No injuries have been reported as of yet. And no terrorist organization has accepted responsibility for the cowardly attack.

This is just one more example of how violent Palestinians are toward the country of Israel. Usually, they have only attacked during times of war. But now, it appears as if they are escalating their fighting to include targeting Israelis during times of peace.

These attacks symbolize the fear Palestine has toward Netanyahu’s regime. It’s very likely that they’re terrified of his decision to push onward with his plan to take command over Palestinian territory.

According to Fox, Jordan’s foreign minister said that tensions would likely worsen due to Israel’s decision:

“Jordan’s foreign minister, Ayman Safadi, said in a statement that annexation of Israel’s West Bank settlements would fan the flames of conflict around the region.”

But for now, Netanyahu is safe. And so is Israel.

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