Willie Nelson forced to cancel show due to illness

Willie Nelson fans were both disappointed and concerned this weekend at one of Nelson’s shows.

Nelson came out to start the show, twice, and finally flung his hat to the crowd and walked off stage without singing a single song, apparently due to an illness.

Under the Weather

Nobody was really sure what was going on with Willie until Blackbird Presents made a statement on Twitter later that night.

Just after 10:30pm, they tweeted out Nelson was unable to perform and fans should hold their tickets until a new date was announced.

Sadly, both Elvis Costello and Brandi Carlile also did not perform that night as planned.

The reason given was for “unexpected family obligations.”

Cutting Back

Willie has cut down his touring schedule considerably in recent years.

Due to health issues and his age, Nelson has gone with a couple weeks on, couple of weeks off schedule.

This enables him to recover between dates and not put too much of a strain on his overall health.

In addition to the schedule, Nelson tends to play a rather quick set compared to other acts.

In years past, Nelson’s shows were filled with banter and would go much longer.

Now, he plays about 70-80 minutes and goes from one song to the next, without ever taking a break.

Deteriorating Health

This is not the first time Nelson has had to cut a show short in recent history.

In January, Nelson cancelled a show on short notice at a Harrah’s property.

Additional dates on the tour were cancelled not long after that for him to “recover” from the flu.

These cancellations started a “deathly ill” rumor, which Nelson insisted was not true.

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At 85 years of age, it is not surprising to see Nelson wear down somewhat.

Rest up Willie, because we know you will be back out there as soon as you are able.

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