Neil Patel predicts Biden, Democrats going ‘to pay a massive political price’ for the energy crisis

Real Clear Politics just released an opinion piece by Neil Patel arguing that President Joe Biden and the Democrats are likely going “to pay a massive political price” in the upcoming elections as a result of their energy policies, which are responsible for the current energy crisis. 

The article is titled The Left Is About to Pay for Their Energy Insanity.” 

The article was published on Friday just as Biden was meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

A large part of the purpose of the meetup was for Biden to ask MBS to increase oil production in order to help bring down the soaring energy prices that Americans have been seeing. Saudi Arabia is said to have agreed to do so.

It’s Biden and the Dems’ fault

In his article, Patel explains how it is that the Biden administration has gotten America into the energy crisis in the first place. This short answer is that Biden threw away the energy independence brought about by former President Donald Trump without having something practical to turn to.

Patel writes:

Throwing all this away without an adequate and, importantly, cheaper alternative in place is almost unimaginable from a policy perspective, but that’s exactly what happened. By promoting so-called Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, investment standards to choke off fossil fuel investments, by canceling pipelines, and by limiting federal oil and gas leasing, the left has reduced American energy production and left America vulnerable to the rest of the world.

Patel adds that it is because the Democrats have “enabled Russia, Saudi Arabia, and others to displace American fossil fuel production with their own” that energy prices have gone up so astronomically.

Time to pay the price

Patel is now predicting that “the coming election is going to bring [Biden and the Democrats] back to reality.”

Patel writes that, unlike other areas, “energy is different [because] it affects everyone.” For this reason, Patel argues that politicians can’t afford to make mistakes in this area. Yet, Patel says that Biden and the left have done just this.

Accordingly, Patel believes that Biden and the Democrats are about to pay for their mistake here in the upcoming elections.

Patel concludes:

Energy policy under the Biden administration has been insane. With prices booming, everyone now knows it. Those who got us in this mess should prepare to pay a massive political price.

Let’s hope Patel is right.

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