Report: Nearly a dozen Democrats have failed to disclose stock trades over the last 2 years

Nearly two dozen lawmakers, including 11 Democrats, stand accused of violating federal law by failing to disclose stock trades before deadlines outlined in the STOCK Act.

Over the last two years, some 22 lawmakers have allegedly violated the law, according to The Buffalo News.

In a Saturday report, Breitbart highlighted the nearly dozen Dems who’ve found their names on that list.

Tom Dems under scrutiny

Among them is Assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark, a Massachusetts Democrat who Breitbart described as “a close confidant and possible replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).”

Breitbart said Clark may have “violated House ethics rules by failing to disclose up to $285,000 in stock trades on time.” She ultimately filed them in August, but as Breitbart notes, the STOCK Act requires lawmakers to disclose when they’ve made trades over $1,000 within 45 days of the transaction, in most cases.

Also accused of violating the law is Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), who reportedly failed “to disclose $15,000 in Boom Technology that he purchased within the required time to disclose the transitions.”

Breitbart also highlighted Nevada Rep. Susie Lee and New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney as top House Democrats who missed the mark when it comes to disclosures.

“It’s definitely been eye-opening “

Speaking with The Buffalo News, Dave Levinthal, a journalist who uncovered 17 of the alleged STOCK Act violations, said the law is meant to hold elected leaders accountable.

The idea, Levinthal told the outlet, “is that the public should have a right to know in a timely fashion about personal financial transactions that lawmakers are making, so that the public can judge for itself whether there is any real or perceived conflict of interest with their official duties.”

Republicans who have been accused of violating the law include Rep. Chris Jacobs of New York and Texas Rep. Pat Fallon.

“It’s definitely been eye-opening to see that a lot of members of Congress are just having a real hard time getting this right,” Levinthal said, according to The Buffalo News.

But will we start to see accountability in Washington now that so many lawmakers have been found to be breaking the rules? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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