NBC’s $69 million bet on Megyn Kelly falls short on viewers

Megyn Kelly banked on her anti-Trump stance to bring her fame and fortune… she was wrong.

After NBC gave Kelly a fat 3-year $69 million contract and handed her the 9am “Today” show time slot, the network has lost more than 25 percent of its viewers.

The Hot Commodity

It is reasonable to say Megyn Kelly was a B-list star on Fox.

The network was packed with high-profile conservatives and Kelly never seemed to be able to get to that upper tier.

That changed, however, during the 2016 presidential election.

Kelly took a chance and decided to position herself as a conservative against Donald Trump.

She started to pitch many of the narratives the left was throwing at Trump and his base.

Her move got her noticed, but it also created a lot of enemies within the conservative base.

She immediately started having problems with other Fox News staff members, and liberal-oriented networks were quick to pounce.

They all figured they could hit a homerun with Kelly.

She was a conservative at heart but was pushing liberal narratives. That should be someone they could sell to the public, right? WRONG!

The Decline

Kelly was handed NBC’s top daytime slot and was expected to grow ratings, not make them decline.

While she has had a couple of bumps, they never lasted very long and overall, her numbers are just flat out awful compared to what the “Today” show was doing prior to her arrival.

Not only has Kelly allowed other morning shows to dominate NBC, her poor ratings are also impacting the 10:00am hour of “Today.”

That key demographic for the 10:00am slot is now down six percent overall, but down 19 percent in the 25-54 adult demographic.

Kelly says this is new territory for her and she needs at least a year to find her way in daytime TV, but the network may not wait that long to pull the plug.

Kelly’s salary is more than the previous hosts were making during the first hour of the “Today” franchise and her production costs are much higher as well.

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Paying more money for something that is producing less income is not exactly a recipe for success for any business.

Our guess is that Kelly better turn that tide soon or she could be sitting on the sidelines with a lot of opinions and nobody to tell them to.

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