NBC News suspends reporter who contradicted Pelosi incident narrative in retracted viral report

On Nov. 4, NBC News published and then later retracted a live report from veteran journalist Miguel Almaguer about the Oct. 18 assault on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), that included details that seemed to contradict the official narrative of what had occurred.

Now there are reports that in addition to retracting the report and scrubbing the viral video online, NBC News has also suspended Almaguer pending an internal investigation, the Conservative Brief reported.

The network said at the time it pulled the report that it had not met the network’s “reporting standards,” but to this day NBC has not explained what, exactly, was wrong with the report or how it managed to be vetted and published in the first place.

Reporter suspended

The Daily Beast was the first to report on Monday that Almaguer had been “suspended pending an internal investigation after NBC News had to retract his reporting” on the Pelosi incident that seemed to suggest that the victim had not been in imminent danger when police first arrived.

In his report, Almaguer cited unnamed law enforcement sources and claimed that Pelosi had opened the door of his home to the police, did not try to escape or declare an emergency, and then walked back toward his alleged assailant, David DePape. The reporter also asserted that responding officers did not know that they were responding to the Pelosi home in San Francisco and were only aware that it was a “high-priority call.”

NBC hasn’t explained why

Fox News reported that it confirmed that Almaguer had been suspended and hadn’t been seen on-air or on social media since his Nov. 4 report, and further noted that the network has yet to explain why the report was retracted, though some insiders at NBC believe the story was “squashed” because it undermined the official narrative of what had happened.

A former senior network executive told Fox, “NBC News must be more transparent with its viewers about this error. Who wrote Miguel’s script? Who approved the script? Are he and his producers suspended during an internal investigation? NBC’s silence on this matter speaks volumes. NBC owes it to its audience to be truthful and not cover this up.”

Similar questions have been asked by media watchdog Steve Krakauer, who noted in a Thursday morning that a local NBC Bay Area reporter, citing local law enforcement sources, had issued a report of his own that seemed to bolster and support some of the details of Almaguer’s retracted report.

Body cam footage allegedly shows Pelosi opening the door for police

According to the Nov. 11 report from NBC Bay Area’s Bigad Shaban, Pelosi himself had opened the door of his home for the responding officers, as confirmed by body cam videos, which contradicts the official narrative from the Justice Department that the officers had opened the door for themselves, and even San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said that Pelosi himself “will one day need to explain, potentially to a jury, why he did what he did and what thought process was going on in his mind.”

It will be interesting to see if NBC will now suspend the local reporter for also contradicting the official narrative of the Pelosi incident, or better yet, just come clean with an explanation for why Almaguer’s report was retracted and what exactly he did to warrant a suspension.

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