Kelly won’t sign NDA ‘if NBC News keeps spreading lies about her’, friend says

NBC News is cutting ties with Today show host Megyn Kelly following her controversial comments on wearing “blackface” for Halloween, and the breakup is less than amicable.

Anonymously sourced accusations have been bandied about on both sides of the split amid rumors of a brewing legal battle over the multi-million payout of Kelly’s remaining contract. Reportedly, NBC also wants Kelly to sign a non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreement as part of the exit negotiations.

But an unnamed “friend” of Kelly said that Kelly and her legal team were resistant to the idea of signing an NDA.

“Megyn won’t sign an NDA if NBC News keeps spreading lies about her,” the friend told Fox News. However, that source declined to elaborate on exactly what “lies” they were referring to, and both Kelly’s legal team and NBC declined to respond to requests for comment.

Non-disclosure agreement

It remains unclear at this time exactly why NBC would want Kelly to sign an NDA.

However, it could perhaps have something to do with rumors of a close and continuing relationship between disgraced former NBC star Matt Lauer — who was fired after being accused of sexual misconduct — and NBC Chairman Andy Lack.

Kelly was outspoken about the #MeToo movement while at NBC — which has its own #MeToo issues to contend with, and not just with Lauer, either — and in a recent interview with US Weekly, Kelly hinted of Lauer and NBC, “I know too much that others don’t know.”

Destroying her career

In a lengthy exclusive report from the U.K. Daily Mail, the talk of the NDA is wrapped up in the negotiations over how much NBC will pay Kelly to leave early. Kelly, who for now is still employed at NBC even while her Today show was cut, still has more than a year left in the three-year $69 million deal she signed with the network in 2017.

The Daily Mail reported that sources say Kelly’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, is demanding NBC pay out the entirety of the remainder of the $69 million, plus extra $10 million on top as a form of compensation for the network’s alleged attempt to destroy Kelly’s career.

“It’s all out war in negotiations between Megyn and NBC,” explained an unnamed source close to Kelly. “She doesn’t just want the remainder of her $69 million contract, she wants more money on top as compensation for what she believes is NBC’s attempt to not just have her off the air but to end her career.”
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This split between NBC and Megyn Kelly turned ugly pretty quickly, and it doesn’t appear as though everything will turn out as rainbows and roses anytime soon, as both camps are locked in a battle over millions in contractual obligations — and untold amounts that could be at risk if Kelly began to share inside information that NBC would rather be kept quiet.

If Kelly really does know things that NBC would prefer remain under wraps, then they will likely pay whatever she asks to get her signature on an NDA. But if NBC resists giving Kelly what she wants and persists in attempting to further ruin her reputation, Kelly could very well spill whatever she may know and bring others at the network down in disgrace with her.

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