NBC legal analyst makes nasty allegation against AG Bill Barr

Last week, after Democrats’ attempt to remove Donald Trump from office was struck down in the Senate, the president took a victory lap, inviting some key Republicans and cabinet members to share the moment.

Attorney General Bill Barr was among those sitting in the audience that day — and that led former Justice Department official and current NBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann to accuse Barr of doing Trump’s bidding rather than his actual job, the Washington Examiner reports.

That awkward moment

Ever since Barr’s confirmation, the left has done everything they can to attack his credibility because he’s a man on a mission to destroy the swamp in Washington.

What we have here is Weissmann trying to make something out of nothing to further that agenda.

Barr was in the audience that day because he is a member of Trump’s cabinet. Weissmann, however, believes it signified that Barr is not really pursuing justice in his official capacity, but rather, that he is Trump’s lapdog.

Weissmann, one of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s top prosecutors, stated” “There was an odd moment where he [Trump] kept on sort of looking over in the press conference to the attorney general, as if that’s just somebody who carries out what he wants to do, which is traditionally not what the role of the attorney general is.”

You might think Weissmann’s concern is legitimate if he was consistent on this type of criticism in other administrations, but he is not.

When Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder proclaimed himself to be Obama’s “wingman” on national TV, Weissmann did not seem to have a problem with the then-attorney general making that statement.

Incapable of positive coverage

The mainstream media is simply incapable of covering Trump or his administration in a positive way, so these comments by Weissmann should not be really shocking.

Studies over the course of this administration have shown that Trump receives over 95% negative coverage from most left-leaning mainstream outlets. And, yes, that would include NBC News.

If everyone is being honest, the mainstream media was just as upset that Trump was acquitted as Democrats, so this “report” from NBC News was expected and not really all that shocking.

What they did prove, however, is that this pettiness from the media will continue. Our mainstream news outlets can no longer be trusted to tell the American people the truth.

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