Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, a Fox News contributor, brutally attacks network over 2020 election call

Most know retired U.S. Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill as not only the man responsible for the takedown of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, but also as a somewhat regular guest on Fox News, given his role as a network contributor.

But according to BizPac Review, O’Neill’s days at the network could be numbered, based on a series of recent tweets he published in which he slammed the network for calling the 2020 presidential election for then-candidate Joe Biden before any other major media network, adding that he believes a room full of anti-Trump “Clintonites” at Fox made the decision.

What’s going on?

Last week, O’Neill began publishing what would be become a series of tweets in which he expressed clear frustration with Fox News for how they handled the results of the 2020 election — a sentiment shared by a number of the network’s viewers at the time, as Fox News later took a hit in the ratings.

He first published a tweet promoting Newsmax, Fox News’ closest competition in the realm of right-leaning cable news outlets. He wrote, “Turn [email protected] at 3:30p ET. Let’s talk about stuff.”

While that might have been overlooked, two days later, O’Neill made clear his lingering frustration with Fox News, writing, “Just a reminder: @FoxNews called Arizona for Biden with less than 1%in. Just sayin’.”

That particular tweet quickly caught the attention of Fox News’ Bret Baier, who was the Fox News personality at the election desk making the calls that day. Baier informed O’Neill that while he respects his service to the country and his opinion, he emphasized that O’Neill’s assertion was false, tweeting, “But this is NOT TRUE. Our decision desk called AZ w/ almost 80% of the vote in AFTER polls had closed.”

O’Neill continued to slam Fox News relentlessly in several additional tweets, but later deleted several of them, writing in one of the now-deleted tweets, “Seriously, don’t let @FoxNews fool you.”

“Clintonites” at Fox

O’Neill would eventually end up sitting for an interview with former Fox News host Eric Bolling, who now hosts Newsmax’s The Balance. Naturally, Bolling was curious about O’Neill’s recent tweets, asking the Navy SEAL why he felt the need to criticize the network.

“I just wanted to remind people that Fox News calling this race like they did,” before adding that he had friends in line at the polls in Arizona who decided to leave after hearing that Fox News had called the state for Biden.

O’Neill explained to Bolling that he believes that on the day of the 2020 election at Fox News there existed a room “full of a bunch of people who’re Clintonites who decided they’re going to call this race for Joe Biden.”

He went on to admit that there are many “really good people” at Fox News, but added that he felt it necessary to expose the network for what he believes was a very bad call, writing, “I just don’t want people to forget that Fox News did that, and I’m not afraid to say it.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Fox News brass reacts to O’Neill’s blunt assessment, but given the fact that he’s extremely popular with the network’s core audience — not to mention the fact that he killed the most dangerous and infamous terrorist in history — Fox would be absolutely mad to cancel him over his expression of free speech.

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