Navy pilot killed in jet crash

An aircraft crash has left Navy personnel both shocked and saddened.

Lt. Christopher Carey died on Friday after his A-29 Super Tucano crashed.

Part of the Job

While everyone that signs up for military service knows the risk, it still sends a shockwave through the community when they are taken in the line of duty.

According to the 49th Wing’s Facebook page, Lt. Carey died while conducting a mission over New Mexico.

From the wording of the statement, it appears as though Carey was on a training mission, although the statement itself did not make this completely clear.

There was also a second pilot mentioned.

That pilot apparently survived the crash, and is currently hospitalized.

Respected Officer

From the sentiments expressed online, it appears as though Lt. Carey was a true professional.

The commander of Carey’s wing, Colonel Houston Cantwell, said of Carey: “He did pioneering work in aviation that will help shape American air power for years to come.”

He added, “We’re thankful to have known him and grateful for his devotion to duty.”

The Aircraft

The plane Lt. Carey was flying, the A-29 Super Tacona, is a relatively new addition to our military’s arsenal.

Lt. Carey was among a group of pilots conducting mock battles to see if the aircraft would be used on a permanent basis in the Middle East.

The aircraft was going head-to-head against Textron’s AT-6 Wolverine for the right to carry out combat missions overseas.

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Thank you for your service and R.I.P. Lt. Carey.

We send our condolences to your family.

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