Heather Nauert is a ‘leading contender’ to replace Nikki Haley

The list of candidates to replace Nikki Haley as U.N. Ambassador is becoming a very short list.

According to new report, a “leading contender” for the position is State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert.

Tough Shoes to Fill

President Donald Trump has been very good at recognizing the most powerful, effective women in the Republican party.

Nikki Haley was a perfect example of that.

Anyone thinking her political career is over is clearly being foolish.

Haley earned her stripes as the governor of South Carolina.

She quickly earned a reputation as a hard-nosed politician that was not afraid of the boys club.

That reputation was further enhanced during her stint as the U.N. Ambassador.

There were times when everyone expected her to crumble under the pressure, but she stood tall every time to defend both her country and her president.

Many, including this author, are now speculating Haley is taking a temporary step away from politics merely to gather herself before making a presidential run in 2024.

There is further speculation due to the timing of her move, two full years before the 2020 elections, that has many believing she will play an integral role in Trump’s re-election, possibly even a VP candidate on the ticket.

Heather Nauert

Haley is obviously a tough act to follow, but Nauert seems like the perfect candidate to follow Haley’s term as ambassador.

As the State Department spokesperson, Nauert has been under the gun many times, facing extreme pressure, and she has performed splendidly in the process.

Like Haley, she takes guff from no one and makes it very clear the interests of the United States and its citizens are her primary and only concern.

Trump is already on record as saying he would like Haley’s replacement to be another woman.

After his meeting with Nauert on Monday, and already knowing Trump’s very high opinion of Nauert, the rumors are already flying an announcement is imminent.

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President Trump is expected to make his announcement soon, as he wants that role filled ASAP.

From our perspective, Nauert would be a great choice and would have the full support of conservatives in her new role.

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