National Guard deployed ahead of arrival of the ‘USA Freedom Convoy’ in Washington DC

In the wake of the breakup of the massive convoy of truckers who took a stand against Canada’s strict COVID-19 mandates, the U.S. version has already formed, and as a result, it’s already triggering a number of countermeasures in Washington D.C.

According to Fox News, the USA Freedom Convoy, also referred to as “The People’s Convoy,” is set to take off from California on Feb. 23, with the final destination of ending in the nation’s capital on March 1 — the date of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. 

However, now that Democrats know how to capitalize on large gatherings of peaceful American protesters, they’re already taking overly dramatic actions ahead of the potential arrival of thousands of trucks and supporters of the convoy by deploying National Guard resources around D.C., as well as erecting the infamous fencing seen in the wake of Jan. 6.

In addition, the DC Metropolitan Police Department has deployed “Civil Disturbance” units to be staged throughout the area as the truckers begin to arrive.

Request for Guardsman

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby confirmed Tuesday that both the U.S. Capitol Police and the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency have requested National Guard assistance for the protest, which, by many predictions, could be quite large.

“Those agencies have asked for National Guard personnel to provide support at traffic control points in and around the District to help the USCP and DC government address potential challenges stemming from possible disruptions at key traffic arteries,” Kirby said.

Those in charge of DC security also apparently took notes from what happened in Ottawa and other parts of Canada, as a number of local towing agencies have been hired in case semi-trucks eventually need to be towed out of the area.

However, it’s expected that there will not be enough tow trucks available to move all of the trucks if tens of thousands of big rigs eventually descend on the nation’s capital.

A “giant boa constrictor”

The organizers of the USA Freedom Convoy, like their Canadian counterparts, have emphasized repeatedly that the protest will be 100% peaceful, as their only intent is to voice opposition to the remaining COVID-19 mandates that continue to grip parts of the country.

“I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor,” said Bob Bolus, one of the convoy’s organizers. “That basically squeezes you, chokes you and it swallows you, and that’s what we’re going to do the D.C.”

Bolus said that the convoy has no intention of illegally blocking DC streets, especially in sensitive areas around the White House and Capitol building, but instead intends to encircle the city on the beltway that surrounds it.

However, with fencing going up around the Capitol and White House, and the deployment of National Guard troops, it’s likely that Democrats will attempt to use the protest as yet another Jan. 6 moment, and many believe they will likely attempt to vilify the truckers as “insurrectionists,” and a “threat to our Democracy.”

We can only hope and pray that the protest goes as intended by its organizers, and that evil forces within the Dem Party do not try to turn it into something that it’s not. Only time will tell.


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