Nation swept by increasing instances of violent crimes and mass killings

While perhaps not always fully reflected in the official crime numbers, many Americans can sense that our society has increasingly coarsened and some individuals feel emboldened to resort to crime and violence to achieve personal desires or settle scores with others.

Unfortunately, that apparent surge in violent crime includes homicides and mass killings, sometimes for readily identifiable reasons but also sometimes with no observable motives.

Tragic and unexplained murders

One recent example reported by Reuters involves the separate murders of four Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico that authorities suspect may all be linked and that the state’s governor has already declared to be “targeted killings.”

The most recent of those murders occurred Friday, the one prior to that was on Monday, and the third was about a week prior on July 26. The outlet added that police believe those three murders within the span of two weeks are likely connected to the fourth murder of a Muslim man that occurred in November 2021.

Meanwhile, another example comes from the opposite end of the country, as local Boston NBC affiliate WBTS reported that authorities are investigating an apparent mass killing of three individuals — a young mother and her two young sons — inside their New Hampshire home.

All three were found dead of single gunshot wounds on Wednesday morning, and though no suspects have been named or arrests made, police believe the murders weren’t random and insisted that they’ve “identified everyone involved” in the tragic incident.

Record-setting pace for violent crime in major cities

Of course, aside from the murders of multiple people, there is no apparent connection whatsoever between those two particular incidents. They do, however, appear to fit the pattern of rising violent crime rates across the country.

Fox News reported that six of the nation’s largest cities — Baltimore, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and New York City — have all experienced a surge in violent crime, particularly homicides, that have them on track to eclipse the significantly high crime rates in those cities in 2021.

Those numbers in 2021 were higher than in 2020, which in turn saw an explosion of violent crime in comparison to 2019, and making matters even more frustrating for everybody is the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any one factor that can be deemed responsible for the continuing increase in violent crimes and murders.

Biden has a plan to tackle violent crime

For what it is worth, the White House this month unveiled President Joe Biden’s “Safer America Plan” that actually seeks to address rising violent crime rates through a variety of methods that of course includes, but somewhat surprisingly is not limited to, more gun control measures.

In contrast to the demands from some of his more progressive Democratic allies, Biden’s plan actually calls for substantially more funding for police departments nationwide and a sharper focus on violent crime, paired with more resources for various social services and criminal justice reforms that are intended to prevent violent crime and punish violent offenders.

To be sure, the details of Biden’s plan have yet to be fully developed and there is no guarantee that it will prove effective. Thus, in this time of increasing violence and crime, all Americans must understand that they are their own first responders and should make preparations to protect and defend themselves in the event that their local, state, or federal government fails to do so.

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