Judge Napolitano says he ‘certainly would’ vote to impeach President Trump

Fox News’ senior legal analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, was once a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. But his viewpoint has inexplicably shifted over the last several months, and the judge has become an adamant critic of his former friend.

Taking his evolving opposition to Trump to the extreme, Napolitano said on Wednesday that, if he were to be an elected member of Congress, he would vote in favor of impeachment, Breitbart reported.

“That’s an impeachable offense”

That admission from Napolitano came as he provided commentary on Wednesday during a break in the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing that featured four law professor constitutional scholars offering their opinions on whether President Trump had committed impeachable offenses.

Asked if he believed the president had committed impeachable offenses, Napolitano replied: “I believe that the Democrats have credibly argued that he committed impeachable offenses. The easiest one, because this existed in Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton — is obstruction of Congress.”

He went on to say that “by directing his subordinates to refuse to comply with the lawfully-issued subpoenas — whether it’s for testimony or for documents — that’s an impeachable offense.”

“We know that from history,” Napolitano continued. “Every time the House of Representatives has looked at that, with respect to a President, it has found it to be impeachable. On that, reasonable minds cannot disagree without rejecting history, rejecting constitutional norms.”

“I certainly would”

From there, America’s Newsroom co-host Bill Hemmer asked the judge: “So if you were in the House, would you vote for impeachment, sir? Yes or no?”

The judge replied: “I certainly would on — well, I’ll never be in the House — but I would on that count.”

To be fair, Napolitano did suggest immediately afterward that “reasonable minds can disagree” on the issue of “intent” when it comes to President Trump’s actions related to Ukraine — whether the president was truly concerned about corruption and potential waste of taxpayer-funded aid or if he was simply attempting to use leverage to obtain help for his campaign against political rivals.

But while Judge Napolitano may already be convinced of the need for impeachment and believe that Democrats have “credibly argued” the case for such, that conclusion from him isn’t particularly surprising given his concerted opposition to the president over the past year or two.

Polling shows that a significant portion of the American electorate — in fact, well more than half — don’t share the judge’s belief that Democrats have effectively made the case for impeachment. In fact, support for impeachment is now lower than it was prior to the House launching the impeachment inquiry.

In the end, all of these opinions and analyses are moot in light of the undeniable fact that Democrats have sought to impeach President Trump from day one. It’s only a matter of time before they do so — only for the president to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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