Judge Napolitano slams Bureau of Prisons over Jeffrey Epstein’s death

There has been quite a bit of skepticism in the wake of the reported suicide in a New York City jail cell of convicted pedophile and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

One of those raising questions about Epstein’s reported suicide is Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, and most of his concerns revolve around the prison where Epstein was being held and the apparently gross mismangement that seemingly allowed such a high-profile inmate to kill himself.

Serious irregularities at MCC

Napolitano, in an appearance Tuesday on Fox & Friends, suggested there was rampant corruption in the prison system that needed to be rooted out in order to prevent similar instances of important defendants or witnesses ending up dead while in custody.

“The federal detention facility where he was being held, obviously, is poorly managed. The attorney general himself said that,” the former judge explained.

Indeed, Attorney General William Barr stated bluntly in a speech delivered Monday that there were “serious irregularities” at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan that needed to be addressed.

Barr also reiterated that investigations into what occurred had already been opened and said, “We will get to the bottom of what happened at the MCC and we will hold people accountable for this failure.”

So many questions, so few answers

Napolitano said there were multiple lines of inquiry that must explored, declaring, “The question is: was there corruption? Did somebody intentionally look the other way, or was there criminally negligent homicide?”

“So, allowing a person the means with which to kill, when you have a duty to deny the person that means, is the definition of criminally negligent homicide,” he explained.

Unfortunately, Napolitano expressed doubt that anybody at the prison will actually be held responsible for Epstein’s untimely death.

“I doubt that the government is going to prosecute anybody for that, but I don’t know how we’re going to get to the answers. The camera was off,” he said, referencing mixed and unconfirmed reports about cameras in the vicinity of Epstein’s cell and whether or not they were “malfunctioning” or in proper working order at the time of his reported suicide.

With regard to the surveillance system used at the prison, the former New Jersey judge said, “New Jersey hospitals have a very inexpensive camera with software. And it focuses on the patient. It’s the size of a quarter. The patient doesn’t even see it. This is for dangerous patients. The patient gets out of bed, alarms go off.”

“Did the Bureau of Prisons not have this? And if they did have it, why wasn’t it turned on?” he asked. Hopefully, we will all one day know the answers to those and other questions, though it would seem that Judge Napolitano will not be holding his breath.

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