Napolitano, Fox News ‘parted ways’ following latest sexual misconduct allegations

The latest round of misconduct and discrimination allegations against Fox News has reportedly already led to the ouster of one prominent network personality.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, once a top legal analyst and paid contributor on Fox News, has “parted ways” with his former employer after being accused of sexual harassment, according to reports.

“Zero-tolerance policy”

A lawsuit filed by producer John Fawcett alleged that Napolitano indecently propositioned him in an elevator. He also accused Fox Business Network’s Larry Kudlow of making sexually and racially discriminatory remarks at work with no repercussions.

Fawcett’s complaint included allegations against two female producers working for Kudlow who allegedly discriminated against male staffers, asserting that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott and other executives were aware of such concerns but ignored them.

In his 23-page suit, Fawcett alleged that Napolitano “stroked” his arm and made sexually suggestive comments during the elevator ride in question.

The producer, who started working for the network in 2019 as an assistant for Lou Dobbs, further alleged that Fox News executives did nothing to address the situation despite it being “common knowledge” that Napolitano sexually harassed young men.

Fawcett also claimed that Scott’s “zero-tolerance policy” for misconduct amounted to a “fraud,” insisting that “sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and racial discrimination are still tolerated” by network bosses.

“Fox News immediately investigated”

Not only is it not directly punished, but he also alleged that “Scott and her executive team will bend over backwards to protect such behavior so long as it is perpetrated by senior management or prominent on-air personalities.”

As one example in his complaint, Fawcett cited an alleged affair between Fox News President Jay Wallace and a younger female reporter, asserting that another former network reporter covered up the evidence.

In the case of Kudlow, the lawsuit included assertions of sexually suggestive comments about other network hosts as well as ethnic slurs directed toward minority guests — including members of Congress.

Fawcett claimed that a senior executive heard the alleged remarks but did not take any disciplinary action against the host.

In a statement, the network confirmed that it took immediate action in response to the latest allegations against Napolitano, declaring: “Upon first learning of John Fawcett’s allegations against Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Media immediately investigated the claims and addressed the matter with both parties. The network and Judge Napolitano have since parted ways. We take all allegations of misconduct seriously, are committed to providing a safe, transparent and collaborative workplace environment for all our employees and took immediate, appropriate action.”

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