Judge Napolitano defends anti-Trump comments by whistleblower attorney

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano may have just sealed his own fate with Fox News viewers.

After very biased comments by Mark Zaid (the attorney for the whistleblower) were revealed, Napolitano defended him, saying it was not a “big deal.”

Attorneys Can Be Biased Too

Zaid tweeted a slew of pro-impeachment and “coup” statements in 2017, long before the whistleblower complaint. His most controversial tweet stated that the “coup has started”

Mark Zaid’s feed is filled with anti-Trump rhetoric such as this. It is clear the man does not like Trump and wants him removed from office ASAP.

It is no surprise Zaid has signed on as the attorney for the whistleblower, quite frankly. While that is not a surprise, Napolitano defending the man is, considering the specific language he used.

As an attorney, Zaid would know that a coup is illegal and it is not a term used to be used lightly. The thought of a coup by an overreaching party is at the very heart of some very serious patriotic movements in this country.

Napolitano, however, sees no real problem with an attorney defending a whistleblower involved in the impeachment of our president that has used such language.

Napolitano stated, “Well, it is decidedly un-lawyer like comments. I’m sure he is going to end up eat his words and wish he hadn’t said. I don’t think it is a big deal in the ultimate impeachment. Obviously, attorneys have biases like everybody else was the attorney doesn’t come in neutral, he comes in defending or advancing the cause of his client.”

Napolitano is Done

A significant percentage of the Fox News audience is both conservative and Trump supporters. Ever since Napolitano got stiffed by Trump for a Supreme Court nod, he has been on the attack.

Actually, Napolitano is proving his own point correct on the bias front, because he is clearly extremely biased against Trump these days. Fox fans have had about enough of him and this will surely put most of them over the edge.

Napolitano is a regularly featured contributor as well as having his own segments on Fox, but it is hard to imagine that continuing much longer.

When word of his latest comments starts to circulate, it is hard to imagine any Trump supporter or true conservative ever watching Napolitano again.

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