Judge Napolitano changes mind on impact of allegations against Joe Biden

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano flipped his opinion about presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden during an appearance on Fox & Friends.

Last week, Napolitano was hailing the “end of Joe Biden’s candidacy.” Now, he seems to have changed his mind about the implications of the Ukraine story, The Washington Examiner reports.

Biden Under The Microscope

For the last two weeks, Dems have ramped up their frenzied attack on President Donald Trump. However, the facts are becoming clearer, and the zealots are now losing their steam. Judge Napolitano recently joined in with the president’s detractors and downplayed Biden’s role in the whole story.

Napolitano said: “The prosecutors in Ukraine and even prosecutors here in the United States say there’s no there there.” Essentially, Napolitano thinks there is nothing to the story with regard to Biden. This is an interesting statement, considering the mounting evidence that the opposite is true.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was the subject of an investigation into corruption in Ukraine due to his position on the board of natural gas firm Burisma Holdings. Trump inquired about that investigation during his call with the president of Ukraine.

That request formed the basis of the whistleblower’s now-famous complaint. Of course, the whistleblower had no firsthand knowledge and misrepresented what Trump actually said. That was good enough for Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry, even though what Trump asked was perfectly acceptable, and there were no threats or coercion attempts made against Ukraine.

The investigation against Hunter Biden took an interesting turn when the prosecutor overseeing it was fired and subsequently swore under oath that he was removed because of his role in investigating Hunter Biden. Joe Biden even publicly bragged about using U.S. aid to Ukraine as leverage to ensure that prosecutor’s dismissal. As such, Napolitano’s claim that there is nothing here to see is all the more startling.

It seems that the whistleblower complaint was nothing but a smokescreen to protect Joe Biden from having to answer questions about his and Hunter’s dealings regarding Ukraine.

It Looks Bad…

It is totally possible that while the Democratic Party is trying to impeach Trump for abuse of power, their lead candidate is the one who is truly corrupt.

Also possible is that Joe Biden really didn’t have anything to do with the prosecutor being fired for investigating his son. But for someone with as much power and influence as Joe Biden, it isn’t out of the question that he was willing to through his weight around for Hunter’s benefit.

Democrats have shown that they are perfectly willing to pursue a story even in the absence of supporting evidence, so why not scrutinize Biden?

Of course, the reason for that is simple. They are not interested in seeking justice or fighting corruption, but rather protecting the party at all costs. The media establishment is overwhelmingly left-leaning and will work with Democrats to attack Trump over the smallest possible infraction, but will ignore egregious wrongdoing by one of their own.

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