Naomi Wolf: Elites Covering Up Deadly Vax ‘Complicit in a Massive Crime’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The unwillingness of America’s elites to confront the severe harm caused by the COVID-19 vaccines and pandemic restrictions makes them “complicit in a massive crime,” charged liberal journalist and author Naomi Wolf.

In an interview with Eric Metaxas, Wolf, whose grandmother lost nine siblings in the Holocaust, compared the behavior of the nation’s ruling educated class during the pandemic to the passiveness of Germany’s highly civilized and educated population in the 1930s.

Wolf, who was in Metaxas’ graduating class at Yale, said their classmates “are the worst offenders.”

“Right now it’s really red state and purple state America, and working people who are being super brave and telling their neighbors, trying to resist – the police officers, the firefighters, taking action against these coercive mandates, trying to bring some truth to the discussion,” said Wolf, a Rhodes Scholar with a doctorate from Oxford University who was a political consultant for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

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“It’s our classmates, our cultural demographic, if you like, who are colluding, overwhelmingly – and our institutions.”

These people, who seem so nice, Wolf continued, turn out to be “monsters and barbarians when it comes to enabling and condoning what is turning out to be a massive, massive crime.”

And as more and more is being revealed, she said, “they are now complicit in a massive crime.”

In the interview, Wolf provided an update on “the evidence that is mounting” of harm caused by the experimental mRNA shots compiled by her research team of medical and scientific experts, who are poring over Pfizer COVID vaccine trial data.

The documents, which were obtained through a lawsuit after Pfizer sought to keep them under wraps for 75 years, show “massive general harm” caused by the vaccines during the trial, particularly to reproduction.

“They saw that 1,200 people died in the first three months – four of them died on the day they were injected – and they kept going,” Wolf said of the pharmaceutical company.

The documents and the analysis are available on the website of Wolf’s company, Daily Clout.

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