Nancy’s Nightmare: Nearly a dozen members of MS-13 face indictments for murders of children

Remember when Nancy Pelosi stuck up for MS-13 gang members and called them “God’s children?”

Well, her worst nightmare just came true, as 11 members of the deadly gang have been indicted in the brutal murders of two juveniles.

Death Penalty Eligible

The details of the crime are horrific.

One of the victims had posted a picture on his Facebook page of a masked man with “666” written above his head.

Edenilson Misael Alfaro, one of the defendants, took this to mean that the individual was a member of a rival gang — probably of high leadership.

Alfaro then recruited and authorized a hit to be carried out by a Virginia clique of the gang.

The indictment states that Alfaro and several other members of the gang lured the victim to a local park and killed him.

They also videotaped the murder to prove to gang leadership the hit had been carried out.

A second individual was murdered who was believed to have been cooperating with authorities about the first murder.

According to the indictment, that murder was also filmed to show gang leadership.

Build the Wall

MS-13 has been continuously cited as one of the main reasons we need to build a strong border wall.

The gang regularly uses porous areas of the southern border to enter this country.

Once here, they set up shop and conduct their many illegal businesses, including trafficking drugs.

Even if the violence is among their own gang members, innocent citizens are often caught in the middle of it and lose their lives.

These gang members, to quote Donald Trump, are “animals.” They do not respect life and they surely do not respect our laws.

Catching them after the fact and punishing them, even with the death penalty, is just far too late.

They need to be prevented from ever entering this country — and better border security, including a wall, will help accomplish that challenge.

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