Nancy Pelosi trips over words, asks reporter to ‘repoot’ question

What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

During a recent press conference, Nancy Pelosi’s “brain freeze” moments were so bad, she asked a reporter to “repoot” a question asked…

The Best They Have

If Nancy Pelosi is the best face Democrats have to run out there right now, they are in serious trouble.

During just that press conference, Pelosi had close to a dozen reboots when trying to make her point.

She couldn’t get her figures straight and she was constantly mixed up her phrases.

NOT the First Time

This is far from the first time something like this has happened to Pelosi.

In late March, Pelosi froze up close to two dozen times while giving a speech…

Earlier in the same month, Pelosi completely lost her train of thought and stood there dumbfounded for what seemed an eternity.

In May, one of Pelosi’s brain freeze moments led to a bizarre moment of her just laughing…

In addition to these awkward moments, Pelosi just seems to be making things up as she goes along.

While the economy is thriving and unemployment is down, she is making claims of the complete opposite.

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Democrats are simply scrambling right now, with no clue how to react to a president that is actually making things happen that benefit Americans.

If Pelosi is the best they have to offer, that party is in a real bad way.

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