Nancy Pelosi slurs and stumbles while trying to attack Trump

For months now, people have been wondering what is going on with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech.

Whatever it is, it is clearly getting worse, as the California Democrat once again stumbled, slurred, and became forgetful during a press conference as she tried to criticize President Donald Trump.

Watch the clip below, via the American Mirror:

In this particular “attack,” Pelosi was going after Trump for his threat to shut down the southern border.

Pelosi stumbled right out of the gate, and struggled to pronounce the name of the member of her own party that penned the resolution to push back against Trump’s threat.

“Last night, Representative Cuellar and, uh, ah, Representative Ron Es.. uh.. Escobar…” she began.

It took her a moment to gather herself, but then she continued to look like a bumbling fool when she resumed.

Her train of thought had all but left her, as she finally concluded, “You should read the resolution because it talks about the man, ah, uh, the concern we have.”

Reading awkwardly from her papers, she said later, “It also, uh, uh, says that the president should not stop the assistance to the north.. northern…” she stumbled, looking up at the reporters, then finished … “north triangle.”

Ongoing Problem

Initially, Pelosi’s speech blunders were humorous, but it’s getting worrisome.

Keep in mind, this is the woman that holds the gavel in the House of Representatives and is arguably the most powerful Democrat in office today.

Pelosi often negotiates on behalf of the American people as part of her leadership duties, but can she really be trusted to stay focused and on point when she can barely get through a friendly press conference?

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