Watch: Nancy Pelosi faces backlash for humiliating State of the Union ‘seal clap’

Anyone who watched President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday knew it was only a matter of time before memes of Nancy Pelosi hit the internet.

As Trump was finishing up a part of his address on cooperation between Republicans and Democrats, the House speaker mocked the president with a “seal clap” that soon became one of the most memorable moments from the SOTU.

Take a look:

Nancy claps back

To those watching, it was clear that Pelosi meant nothing but disrespect to the president while he was talking.

During most of the speech, Pelosi had her head buried in the copy of the speech Trump handed her before the address. At times, she looked as though she could not have cared less about anything the president was saying.

Then, her seal-like actions during a part of the speech focused on bipartisanship made it very clear to anyone watching that she and her fellow Dems have absolutely no intention of ever working with this president.

To add to the dismay of conservatives, when Pelosi wasn’t shuffling papers behind Trump, she appeared to be realigning her dentures. (Basically, she was doing anything to make a mockery of the speech behind Trump.)

Considering the accusations constantly made against this president by Pelosi, on top of her conduct during the speech, it is shocking that Trump even bothered to shake her hand at the evening’s conclusion. But he’s a classy man who is done with Pelosi’s political pandering.

Cooperation and compromise

In his Tuesday speech, Trump hammered home the point that politicians today need to drop the hard-line-in-the-sand routine. In order for our government to work properly, Trump said, there needs to be some give and take by both sides.

Right now, all the compromise appears to be on the side of Republicans — and that is only because Trump has put it on the table.

Meanwhile, since former President Barack Obama took office in 2009, Dems have decided there is no longer the need to compromise.

It is their way or no way — but if his recent speech was any indication, Trump isn’t having it anymore.

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