Video: Nancy Pelosi struggles to speak coherently at President’s Day press conference

Once again, Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conference was a complete train wreck.

For starters, Nancy Pelosi tried to make President’s Day about Martha Washington — but that was just the beginning of her mess of a speech to reporters.

Take a look for yourself:

What Did She Just Say?

If you had problems understanding what Nancy was trying to say, you are not alone.

Social media just about disintegrated on Friday while this press conference was taking place.

It almost seems as though Pelosi hits up happy hour for a few martinis before she takes the microphone before these events.

While we have seen her ramble and lose her trend of thought before during press conferences, this was clearly one of the worst for Pelosi.

You Lost Me

Pelosi had people scratching their collective heads right out of the gate.

“I love coming here, in this week that we observe the births of our presidents, in particular, George [Washington], our founding father, and our founding mother, George Washington and Martha Washington.”

(Not to put a damper on Martha’s legacy, but President’s Day has absolutely nothing to do with Martha Washington. In fact, it’s odd that Pelosi would mention the first First Lady, considering that Martha was married to a man who owned hundreds of slaves prior to marrying our first president.)

Not The End

And Pelosi wasn’t just limited to building up former first ladies during her press conference.

While it seemed that she had planned on hammering Trump over the border wall at one point in her talk, she constantly lost her train of thought and just mumbled into the microphone.

At one point, one of her staff could be heard saying the word “sanctuary” in the background, apparently to get her back on track.

Once again, Pelosi has embarrassed both herself and her party.

While that is bad news for Democrats, the good news is that we get to see another one of these next week.

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