Nancy Pelosi plays politics while tensions rise with Iran

Nancy Pelosi has Democrats worried because her posturing is turning the American people against her. Leading the party back to power will require the support of the American people, but the American people won’t support a party that refuses to protect them.

Instead of working with President Donald Trump to mitigate the situation, Nancy Pelosi was just caught on air attacking Trump for his reaction to the escalating tensions with Iran. 

Pelosi’s response to Iranian tensions

Nancy Pelosi had this to say about the Iran situation. The Hill reports:

“What is their motivation to be provocative with the Iranians? Why did the president turn his back on the Iranian nuclear agreement?” she said, according to a transcript. “What’s the logic except some other issue — that it was negotiated by President Obama?”

Nancy Pelosi is playing politics instead of working to avoid war in Iran. She is accusing Trump of scrapping Iranian agreements just because they were negotiated by Obama. Playing politics is bad for the American people in a situation that is proving to be serious.

Real Threat

Senior members of Congress from both sides have confirmed the credibility of the threats. The Associated Press reports:

“The chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho, said that based on the information he received he supports the administration actions. “The threat is real,” said Democrat Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

Obviously, no one should be leaping to conclusions. But from what we know right now, the Iran issue is growing worse and worse.

Things are so bad even Trump’s avowed critics agree with him.

Fox News reports that “Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), often a harsh critic of President Trump, agrees with him on one thing: Iran was behind the bombing of two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz last week.”

Fox adds: “While the president has been accused of prematurely reaching conclusions after past attacks, Schiff and Trump are on the same page this time.”

The agreement on what happened is bipartisan at this point. The evidence continues to mount against Iran.

NPR reports:

“There’s no doubt,” [Secretary of State] Pompeo said on Fox News Sunday. “The intelligence community has lots of data, lots of evidence […] the American people should rest assured we have high confidence with respect to who conducted these attacks.”

This is a credible threat to U.S. interests and what is most important is moving forward carefully. Nancy Pelosi is not moving carefully. She, in fact, seems to be striking out on her own. While she throws accusations, members of her own party are working to deal with the Iranian situation.

Nancy Pelosi is more concerned with accusing the president of acting in bad faith. She should be working with Congress to solve this situation to protect U.S. interests and to avoid war. Playing politics will not help avoid war, it will only score political points with her base.

Democrats should really think about finding new leadership that will work to keep the American people and their interests safe.

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