Nancy Pelosi offers Trump $5B for border security – but he can’t use it on the wall

Nancy Pelosi is finally showing signs of cracking.

The House speaker has finally agreed to approve $5 billion in border security funding — as long at is not used for any type of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Only a Matter of Time

Once a crack appears, it is only a matter of time before the dam breaks.

Prior to this point, Pelosi had stood firm that Trump was not going to get his money.

However, there has been mounting pressure on Democrats to come to the table and get this shutdown over with.

While Trump will not take a deal that does include border wall financing, he is at least now seeing movement from the Dems.

In the meantime, Trump isn’t backing down on social media.

He has even come up with a new Republican Party “theme” for the next two years: “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!”

Border Security

But while Washington leaders are battling it out over border security, many Americans don’t know just how porous our borders really are.

It’s disgustingly easy to sneak into this country without a wall, as was made evident by the video attached to Trump’s Wednesday tweet (above).

Moreover, many Americans need a serious lesson in the trickle-down effect of illegal immigration.

It is draining our entitlement programs and ruining the job market.

There are also humanitarian challenges involved with illegal immigration, such as human trafficking — particularly among unaccompanied children being snuck over the border by crime syndicates.

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This is a problem of unprecedented proportions — and we can’t afford to back down.

Hold firm, Mr. Trump, because Pelosi and the rest of the Dems are clearly close to their breaking points.

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