Nancy Pelosi makes demand to press conference audience: ‘That’s a line for applause’

Nancy Pelosi’s press conferences have gotten so dull she now literally has to tell people when to applaud.

After she introduced the Democrats’ latest push to keep Obamacare alive, the House speaker had to prompt her audience with a not-so-subtle cue: “That’s a line for applause.”

Her audience obliged her, but it remains clear that Pelosi’s message is failing to resonate with Americans. How much longer can she keep this up?

Fading Support

Nancy Pelosi is touted as the face of the Democratic Party, but it is pretty clear that her message is falling on deaf ears.

Her recent plea wasn’t the first time Pelosi has had to stop her speech to ask those in attendance to applaud something she has said.

Quite frankly, her speeches are so boring, even the people on the podium to show her support don’t seem to realize they are supposed to be applauding.

Take a look at her lastest blunder yourself:

Fading Message

Democrats have not brought anything new to the table in years. In 2016, their entire platform was that they were not Donald Trump.

After Trump won the election, they decided to set up shop on the other side of every issue Trump was pushing.

In other words, they are still offering nothing other than being not Trump.

The American people want to know what Democrats are going to do for them — and they want to hear suggestions that are actually realistic.

So far, the Dems have only discussed the fantasy Green New Deal and freebies that cannot be covered by even the most outrageous tax plans.

The only people Democrats actually make realistic promises to are undocumented immigrants.

Simply put, Pelosi’s time has come and gone. It has never been more obvious than when she takes the podium and spews her rhetoric to a completely silent room.

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