Nancy Pelosi loses it during press conference, goes after McConnell

Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conference has become must-watch TV, but only because it’s usually a trainwreck.

In her latest press conference, Pelosi let the mask slip yet again, attacking Senate leader Mitch McConnell, in an embarrassing display of venomous frustration and partisan rage. 

Is she losing it?

Pelosi recently drew fire for appearing to slur her words during a press conference, a sign of her advanced age that the media desperately tried to cover up by focusing on a video that was edited to make the slurring seem worse.

The video was edited – but that fact doesn’t change the equally true fact that she was indeed struggling with her words.

Perhaps in an effort to seem less geriatric, Pelosi veered in the other direction in her latest train wreck of a press conference, presenting a kindergarden-like school project poster that was one part temper tantrum and the other part propaganda.

The poster was targeted at Senate leader Mitch McConnell, who Pelosi accused of “killing” the far-left bills that her House of Representatives is sending to the Senate.

The poster itself depicts a series of tombstones with the names of bills that have gone to die in the Senate.

See it here (and note the incomprehensible sentence structure – she tweets like she speaks!):

Something to be proud of

McConnell appears to be proud of his record of killing house bills, embracing the title “The Grim Reaper.”

And he should be.

The bills that Pelosi petulantly pitched a fit about are far-left pet projects that were never intended to pass – instead, they were sent to the Senate so the Democrats could make political hay with their base.

Sorry Nancy, the only person you’re embarrassing here is yourself.

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