Nancy Pelosi: ‘Impeachment is never off the table’

Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi has fallen prey to the impeachment frenzy.

In the past, she has notably encouraged her Democrat colleagues against rushing to impeachment. But Pelosi said Friday that “impeachment is never off the table” when it comes to President Donald Trump.

Watch below:

Barr Frustrations

But while Pelosi is still cautious on a Trump impeachment, warning that there must be a “prospect for success,” the Democrats have found a fresh target for all their frustration: Attorney General Bill Barr.

To the Democrats, Barr is like that small pebble you get from time to time in your shoe. You feel it with every step you take but when you take your shoe off, you just can’t find the thing. Only when you get home at the end of the day do you realize that small stone was embedded in your sock the whole time.

Just like that small stone, Barr is now embedded in the psyche of Democrats.

By doing nothing more than his job, Barr has upset the Democrats to no end. Not only that, but he has done so in a way that is making Democrats look completely foolish in the process.

Resignations and Impeachments

Democrats, when they have no answers, go straight to calling for resignations and impeachment. They started this right after Trump was elected and have continued through the Barr hearings.

They want Trump impeached, but they have no evidence to support it. They want Barr to resign, but he has done nothing wrong. They wanted Brett Kavanaugh to withdraw from consideration, even though the allegations against him were debunked.

Sadly, these calls for resignations and impeachment are not going to die down anytime soon.

Democrats have proven they are no longer interested in passing legislation that helps everyday Americans.

Instead, they launch witch hunt investigations and obstruct the Trump administration from being able to move this country forward.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Democratic Party of 2019.

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