Nancy Pelosi says she’ll make another bid for House speaker

Is Nancy Pelosi eyeing retirement? It looks like the California Democrat just cleared that question up.

According to Breitbart, Pelosi announced Sunday that she will again be vying for the role of speaker if Democrats maintain control of the House after November’s elections.

As with all members of the House, the 79-year-old is up for re-election this year, but is expected to win easily, as she has done for more than three decades. It is less certain, however, that Democrats will still hold the majority in the lower chamber after Nov. 3.

She’s not done, yet

Pelosi opened up about her planned bid for House speaker during Sunday’s episode of CNN’s State of the Union. There, according to Breitbart, Pelosi was asked plainly by host Jake Tapper if she would “run for another term as speaker.”

“Yes, I am,” Pelosi replied, as Breitbart reported.

It was apparently a topic she didn’t want to linger on for very long.

“But let me also say that we have to win the Senate, so all this discussion of the virus takes us to the importance of this election,” the Democrat said. “Vote your health.

She went on: “This is a very important election, and this nomination [of Judge Amy Coney Barrett] makes the election even more important for people’s health, for clean air, the health of our planet, and health of our people most importantly.”

A look ahead

Of course, while Pelosi may want to deflect from the begging questions, she’s going to have to face them head-on at one point or another — and she has more to worry about than just Dems keeping control of the House. Indeed, it’s more than fair for voters to be harboring doubts about whether Democrats would once again choose Pelosi to take the reins, even if they do come out on top this November.

The California Democrat taken flak for weeks from moderate Democrats who aren’t happy with the way she’s been handling negotiations on the latest coronavirus relief package, and now, it seems her old feud with the younger, more progressive members of her caucus is coming back to bite her.

Democrats like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weren’t immediately sold on Pelosi last time she ran for House speaker — and according to Fox News, Ocasio-Cortez indicated in her own interview with Tapper this week that she’ll only be supporting Pelosi if she’s the “most progressive candidate” up for the position.

“I believe that we have to see those races as they come, see what candidates are there. I am committed to making sure that we have the most progressive candidate there,” the New York congresswoman said, according to Fox. “But if Speaker Pelosi is that most progressive candidate, then I will be supporting her.”

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