Nancy Pelosi to face Democratic Socialist challenger in 2020 primary: Report

One of the most powerful Democrats in office today may be on her way out the door.

Shahid Buttar, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, has officially launched a 2020 campaign for Congress against Nancy Pelosi. 

The two will face off in a Democratic primary going into the 2020 election season.

Uphill Battle

Buttar took a shot at Pelosi in 2016 and fell woefully short.

During that campaign, Buttar only managed to get 18,000 votes.

However, he was a very late entry into the race.

He believes that by announcing his campaign much earlier, he’ll be a real challenger for the speaker of the House.

Buttar also suggested that he plans on capturing the “young” vote, saying: “Young people radicalized by the financial crisis of 2008 are not arrayed on any political map.”

The Changing Tide

Another reason Buttar believes he can threaten Pelosi’s death grip on the California congressional seat is because he is all-in on turning America into a socialist country.

“We don’t have the indices yet to demonstrate the earthquake across our national body politic – a generational transition is happening,” he said. “The political spectrum is sliding to the left. I am here to recapture the Democratic Party for labor and the left.”

If that rhetoric does not terrify you, it should.

Buttar is clearly trying to win the new breed of Democrat that was energized by the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential run.

Cleary, the younger liberals in this country prefer a socialist country over a capitalist one. They have little earning power or are not even working yet, so freebies sound pretty good to them.

This is also a demographic that does not traditionally vote heavily, something Buttar obviously hopes to change.

He may sound a like a radical quack, but this is a very dangerous man with some very dangerous ideas.

Can he actually beat Pelosi? Probably not. But then again, nobody thought Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton either.

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