Nancy Pelosi claps back at Democrats demanding she step aside and retire, cites her “experience” as to why she refuses to retire

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is predictably ignoring demands that the Democrat Party undergo a “generational change,” in leadership.

Rank and file Democrats are in open rebellion against Pelosi and the Democrat Party’s geriatric leadership. Representatives Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) and Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) have both called for Pelosi to retire and for someone younger to take her place. The pressure Pelosi is facing has also extended to President Joe Biden, who is losing support among Democrats who would rather see him retire.

Despite her advanced age, Pelosi is stubbornly hanging on, and it will take a devastating defeat in the midterm elections for Democrats to get rid of Pelosi.

Pelosi can’t hang it up

During an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday, Pelosi claimed that “We need generational change, of course we do, but, in some cases, there’s no substitute for experience. I think that what we had been through with the legislation under the leadership of President Biden, who has done a spectacular job — he has had a better two years than most presidents you can name, certainly in the recent generations.”

Pelosi’s comments come off as delusional, especially her ringing endorsement of President Joe Biden’s job performance.

The President’s abysmal performance and underwater popularity will likely drag Democrats down and lead to Republicans winning control of Congress in next month’s elections.

Nearly every recent poll has found that the President’s approval numbers are plunging into the abyss. Even among Democrat voters, the growing sentiment is that President Biden needs to step down in 2024.

Democrats campaigning for reelection have had to grapple with the fallout of the President’s failures. For Nancy Pelosi to claim that the President has had a “better two years than most presidents you can name,” shows how out of touch she is.

The simple reality if Pelosi has grown addicted to power and is willing to drag the Democrat Party down rather than step aside for someone younger who could enthuse Democrat voters.

Massive liability

Democrats like Slotkin and Spanberger have seen the writing on the wall and are trying to avert a disaster and save the last two years of President Biden’s term.

If Republicans control both the House of Representatives and the Senate, President Biden’s agenda will be doomed.

Nancy Pelosi’s stubborn refusal to adjust to changing times will cost Democrats greatly. Of course, that’s good news for Americans who want to see Democrats removed from power for their mismanagement of the nation.

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