Pelosi’s Capitol security task force included anti-Trump, pro-BLM members: report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) put together a task force in response to the January 6th riot — and surprise, surprise, it looks like it wasn’t exactly bipartisan…

The task force included two retired generals who expressed anti-Donald Trump and pro-Black Lives Matter views, Breitbart reported, noting that the new evidence “may bolster Republican claims that the task force was not bipartisan enough.” 

Pelosi’s task force

Pelosi’s task force is yet another distraction meant to take focus on the January 6th riot away from Pelosi’s alleged failure to increase security on Jan 6. and redirect it at a manufactured foe.

Last summer, one task force member, retired Army Lt. General Karen Gibson, expressed her anti-Trump opinions in a letter to the editor for the Billings-Gazette: “I am appalled by President Trump’s latest action to erode the independence and integrity of our justice system by commuting Roger Stone’s prison sentence,” she wrote, adding that it was “a tactic straight from the autocrat’s playbook.”

The presence of Lt. General Gibson, who condemned Trump’s use of the National Guard to quell rioting over the summer, confirms that this task force is a farce.

Over the summer, Lt. General Gibson wrote in another op-ed, “Like other veterans who sacrificed to defend them, it has pained me to see these essential freedoms violated, especially on the streets of our nation’s capital, and it chills me to think of employing the U.S. military, particularly active-duty forces, for domestic political purposes as though America were some authoritarian dictatorship.”

Now Gibson has been brought in by Pelosi to make security recommendations for the Capitol. The same Capitol that is now being defended by the National Guard, exactly the sort of thing that Gibson condemned under former President Trump.

Lt. General Gibson appears to believe that using the National Guard to defend American cities from rioters is wrong — unless those rioters are Trump supporters.

Another task force member, retired general Linda Singh, expressed support for Black Lives Matter last summer, and the task force leader, retired general Russel Honoré, has also made controversial statements about the Capitol Police and “Trumpsters.”

Nothing good coming out of Washington, D.C.

Pelosi’s personnel decisions simply highlight that there is nothing good coming out of the Capitol. Until Democrats are forced out of power in the midterm elections, Congress will not serve the people.

The National Guard can also expect to be forgotten as they will likely remain stuck in DC indefinitely. After a summer of attacking Trump for using the National Guard, Democrats are now happy to use the National Guard as their own personal security force. Some might also argue that they’re making a political statement, perpetuating the fear that Trump supporters are a threat in order to support their power grab.

The return to normal that President Joe Biden promised is nowhere in sight. Divisions are deepening, and tensions are rising, and it’s worth wondering if there is any going back.

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