Angry Nancy Pelosi stammers, stutters, and rants against AG Barr during press conference

The stress of having to deal with a president and an attorney general who are not afraid to stand up to Congress is clearly getting to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

During her weekly presser, Pelosi suffered even more than usual from her accidental stuttering, forgetfulness, and blank stares into the camera as she ranted against AG Bill Barr, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and the Republicans.

Watch below:

What Is Wrong with Nancy?

Pelosi’s mental health has been suffering since January 2017. That date just happens to coincide when Donald Trump took over the White House.

While she regularly stammers and stutters during her weekly press conferences, what we saw this week was absolutely the stuff of legends.

It would appear that Pelosi was on the brink dealing with President Trump, but AG Bill Barr has clearly put her over the edge.

Railing Against Barr

While Pelosi usually uses her time on the podium to attack Trump and Republicans, her focus this week was clearly on Barr and his snub of the House Judiciary Committee’s request to see the unredacted Mueller report.

She also went after Barr for what she deemed to be a very “cavalier” and “disrespectful” attitude during his Senate testimony.

Pelosi flatly accused Barr of lying to Congress. But when the press pushed her on the issue, asking if she thought Barr should go to jail, she stammered and stuttered, finally hedging, “There is a process involved here…”

In other words, Dems really don’t have anything and are just engaging in political theater.

Pelosi also went after McConnell, calling him the “grim reaper” because he has not supported the bills sent to the Senate by the House Democrats.

She also made multiple negative references to “handmaidens” … perhaps she’s been watching too much Hulu these days?

Clearly, Pelosi should consider retiring before the stress of holding office takes over entirely.

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