Nancy Pelosi announces death of her brother, former Baltimore mayor Thomas D’Alesandro III

House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) received some tragic news this week.

Thomas D’Alesandro III, the former mayor of the City of Baltimore and Pelosi’s brother, passed away at the age of 90, the Washington Examiner reports.

Tributes Pour In

As expected, after D’Alesandro’s death was announced, the tributes to his life as a public servant started to pour in. Leading the way was his sister, Nancy Pelosi, calling him “the finest public servant I have ever known.”

“His life and leadership were a tribute to the Catholic values with which we were raised: faith, family, patriotism,” she said. “He profoundly believed, as did our parents, that public service was a noble calling and that we all had a responsibility to help others.”

She went on: “My husband Paul and our entire family are devastated by the loss of our patriarch, my beloved brother.”

You would think Nancy would have wanted to stay close to home to mourn the devastating loss of her brother, but that is not the route she decided to take.

Instead, Pelosi put delegation together and head to the Middle East to undermine President Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

About That Record…

Though Pelosi praised her brother as being dedicated to the values of “faith, family, and patriotism,” D’Alesandro III’s time in office was filled with social and financial turmoil, and the former mayor was an advocate of open housing, something critics have pointed to as the root of Baltimore’s lingering poverty, homeless, and crime issues.

Many of the projects started by D’Alesandro ended up being abandoned, costing the city a fortune in wasted resources. He was also in office during the race riots of 1968 which tore the city apart.

D’Alesandro left the city in a tumultuous state, one that clearly still prevails today.

As a family of devout Catholics, Pelosi said she takes comfort that her brother is now with the angels.

Thomas D’Alesandro III is survived by his wife, Margaret, their five children, and their grandchildren.

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