Names finally named: Joe Biden's secret censors unmasked

July 13, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty of Louisiana recently banned White House officials from meeting with tech companies to scheme "about social media censorship."

His ruling found that Biden essentially was operating a "Ministry of Truth," demanding social media companies suppress and censor views with which the Biden political machine disagreed.

The president since then has been filing appeals trying to get that ruling overturned.

But now, according to a Washington Times report, those Biden team players who were doing the dirty work of censoring Americans' views have been revealed.

The documents in the case pending before Doughty, who explained Joe Biden's ideology "arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history," identify Anthony Fauci, Biden's former medical adviser, as one of those who "sought publicly and privately to censor social media posts over COVID-19 content."

But, the report said, the "task was more extensively carried out behind the scenes by a select band of staffers."

Their agenda included "pressuring social media platforms with repeated requests for content removal, deplatforming of specific uses and relentless demands for access to their internal content moderation policies and practices," the report charged.

Biden's administration actually was not even three days old when the censorship started, the report said.

That was when Clarke Humphrey, "digital director" for Biden's COVID-19 team, demanded Twitter remove a post from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about coronavirus.

His demand was that the opinion expressed be removed "ASAP."

Humphrey's colleague, Rob Flaherty, also played a significant part in Biden's anti-free speech agenda.

He "led a dogged campaign to coerce Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to remove content about COVID-19 that went against the Biden administration‘s policies," the report said.

He even demanded that Facebook remove content "that did not violate the platform’s rules but made the administration uncomfortable," the Times report explained.

And he started bullying the companies.

"I’ve been asking you guys pretty directly, over a series of conversations, for a clear accounting of the biggest issues you are seeing on your platform when it comes to vaccine hesitancy, and the degree to which borderline content – as you define it – is playing a role," he warned. He demanded to know what actions were taken "to ensure you are not making our country’s vaccine hesitancy problem worse."

Another Biden staffer, Andy Slavitt, joined in, turning to threats.

"Internally, we have been considering our options on what to do" because Facebook had not complied immediately with Biden's demands for censorship, he threatened.

The Constitution doesn't allow the government to censor private speech, yet this was the goal of the scheming.

One scenario involving Slavitt played out with former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who now is suing Slavitt.

Slavitt demanded Twitter deplatform Berenson over his questions, concerns, and research about the side effects from the COVID shots being forced on people. Those side effects now are known to include a variety of complications, including death.

Slavitt had complained Berenson was an "epicenter" of "disinfo" going out to the public.

Twitter shut him down, but was sued, and had to reactivate his account.

"They targeted me because — not in spite of — the fact that I presented reasonable, data-driven objections to mRNA vaccinations for young people and for mandates," Berenson told the Times.

Other Biden staff members involved in the campaigns included Vivek Murthy, and his aide, Eric Waldo, who worked on a campaign to publicize a list of a "dozen" offenders identified by the White House.

The report said, "Carol Crawford, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s digital media director, also helped carry out the White House‘s censorship scheme."

The Times report identified how effective the Biden administration's demands and threats became.

"The platforms began removing content and banning users almost as soon as Biden administration officials began contacting them, and they set up special portals that allowed White House and administration staffers to collaborate with the companies about content moderation."

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