Rep. Jerrold Nadler pushes forward with impeachment effort

Even though most Democrats in the House have given up on impeachment, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is doing his best to keep the dream alive.

On Friday, a coalition of Democrats led by Nadler requested the grand jury material related to the Mueller investigation be unsealed.

Defying Pelosi

By all accounts, the Mueller hearings were a complete failure for the Democrat party.

With so much negative coverage, everyone just assumed the party would finally give up its efforts to have Trump impeached.

Nancy Pelosi put on a good face afterward, but there were several reports she held a closed-door meeting with Nadler on impeachment.

According to those reports, Pelosi told Nadler to back off the impeachment crusade.

Clearly, Pelosi’s words did not resonate with Nadler because he is stepping up his efforts to find something to impeach  Trump with.

Grand Jury Testimony

By law, grand jury testimony is sealed and must be protected. Nadler is circumventing the rule of law and appealing to a federal judge to have the testimony unsealed in an effort to impeach Trump.

Honestly, how this goes down probably depends on what type of judge gets the case. If it is a liberal judge, we can expect the ruling to be in Nadler’s favor, which would be the wrong call.

If a conservative judge gets the case, he or she will surely follow protocol and not allow the grand jury testimony to be unsealed.

Why is it that Democrats tout the rule of law right up until they decide to ignore it?

If Republicans were asking for this, Dems would be flipping out, so we need our Republican lawmakers to do the same thing. This witch hunt must be stopped!

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