‘We’re looking into that’: Nadler says House Democrats ‘may very well’ try to impeach Bill Barr

Democrats in the House are considering an attempt to impeach Bill Barr and remove him from his post as attorney general, the Washington Examiner reported Wednesday. 

According to the Examiner, Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) said Wednesday that his House Judiciary Committee “may very well” pursue impeachment. “We’re looking into that,” he reportedly said.

Reign of terror?

Barr has earned the ire of Democrats over allegations that he is politicizing the Department of Justice (DOJ). Still, Nadler, for his part, had initially shot down the idea of impeaching the attorney general.

“I don’t think calls for his impeachment are premature any more than calls for the president’s impeachment were premature, but they are a waste of time at this point,” he told CNN last weekend, according to NPR.

But the House Judiciary chairman seemed to change his mind after Democrats like Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) made their thoughts known. “We should pursue impeachment of Bill Barr because he is reigning terror on the rule of law,” Cohen said Wednesday, according to The Hill.

Nadler soon expressed a similar sentiment. “I think the weight of the evidence and of what’s happened leads to that conclusion,” he said of a potential impeachment, according to Salon.

Of course, despite Nadler’s change of heart, impeachment remains a waste of time for Democrats: the Senate is still held by Republicans who will give no quarter to their political opponents during an election year.

The short end of the stick

In fact, the election itself is yet another inhibiting factor for an impeachment investigation. Democrats already stirred up enough bad press during the disastrous impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, and repeating that scenario will not help them in November.

Still, Democrats could be planning for the worst-case scenario — namely, Joe Biden losing to President Trump this fall. If Biden wins, then Democrats will no longer have to worry about Barr.

If Trump wins, however, that could give Dems the time they need to impeach the AG — that is, if they can maintain their hold on the House.

Either way, Democrats in Washington are truly showing Americans where their priorities lie right now. Even with the nation devastated by both a pandemic and a subsequent — and significant — economic decline, those on the left are too busy worried about Trump and his allies to focus on the needs of their constituents.

Once again, everyday Americans are the ones getting the short end of the stick here. What a shame.

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