House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler goes after Kavanaugh records

Since Democrats are striking out in their efforts to bring President Donald Trump down, they are going after the next best target in their eyes.

After the enormous ordeal that Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family was put through by Democrats before his confirmation to the Supreme court, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has once again turned his sights on Kavanaugh by opening another investigation into records from Kavanaugh’s time spent serving in the Bush administration.

Another Fishing Expedition

Former Republican House member Jason Chaffetz explained this is nothing more than another “fishing” expedition by Dems.

He stated, “There is just a pattern here with Democrats who are on these fishing expeditions as opposed to pursuing something where they have actual evidence of wrongdoing.”

Chaffetz also ripped Democrats for concentrating on witch hunts like this when there are so many important issues going on in this country right now.

He pointed out Democrats simply have no real reason for this inquiry.

No Basis

Justice Kavanaugh, during his confirmation hearings, gave Democrats everything they asked for. Even after several manufactured attacks against his character were made, Kavanaugh still came out on top.

Because some of the documents during his time in the Bush administration were protected, Nadler is now using that as the premise for this request.

Nadler claims they only received “a small fraction” of his records, and he wants to make sure the committee did not miss something during its investigation.

Kavanaugh has more than proven himself as being impartial on the bench thus far. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is about as left as one can be on the Supreme Court, has openly defended Kavanaugh in public, yet Nadler continues these attacks.

The only assumption that can be made here is that Democrats are truly desperate and fear they will lose in 2020. If that happens, Trump will likely appoint one, if not two more justices, ruining any hope Democrats have of tilting the bench with liberals.

This is nothing but a last-ditch effort to save the party from ruination and nothing more. However, in the process, Nadler is exposing the corrupt nature of the Democrat party.

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