Dem Rep. Deutch: Nadler delayed Judiciary impeachment vote to get more TV coverage

Late Thursday night, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) delayed the vote in passing impeachment articles, according to Breitbart — to the dismay of most of the committee members.

Now, according to the Daily Caller, Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) has exposed Nadler’s true motivation for the sudden decision to push the vote forward: Democrats wanted more TV coverage. 

Grandstanding by Nadler

Deutch’s admission was veiled in justification, but it still was clearly an admission. After lawmakers deliberated all day, Deutch said that “it was clear that this was going to go well into the night, and this is the most consequential vote most members of Congress will ever cast.”

He went on: “The American people deserve to see it. It ought to take place in the light of day.”

Take a look:

This went right along with the allegations that had been made by GOP Rep. Doug Collins (GA). Collins was furious when Nadler delayed the vote on Thursday night.

The speculation at the time of Nadler’s delay was that since it was already well past 11:00 p.m. on the east coast, Nadler wanted to delay the vote to ensure he got a little more TV time.

Everyone’s mind had clearly already been made up, so there was no reason to “think about it” as Nadler had requested. And since the actual vote literally only took a matter of minutes, Nadler was being far from considerate by delaying the vote.

Sticking It to Republicans

Normally, in cases such as this, the chairman would consult with the minority leader of the committee. Both would take a quick straw vote among their party members to decide how to proceed.

The fact that this was on a Thursday night, however, put travel schedules into play. Generally, there are no sessions on Friday, so members of Congress will travel back to their home state on Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Friday is more often than not when they keep their local offices open to address the concerns of their own constituents, which is why Collins was so upset.

In a few days, the full House will vote on this impeachment, and the coup will have finally been completed by House Democrats.

The only problem for them, though, is that their impeachment is losing support and their insistence on impeaching may actually be the destruction of their own party. Nadler’s needless grandstanding is emblematic of all that is wrong with this impeachment. It’s a sham, and the American people are clearly not impressed.

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