N.Y. Times charges Biden schemed to keep classified docs disaster a secret

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The New York Times, a leftist publication that mostly adopts Joe Biden’s agenda as the one and only correct ideology for Americans, suddenly has revealed that Biden, and a few of his closest cronies, schemed to keep hidden the fact that he mishandled classified government documents illegally.

Those documents now have been found in several locations at his Wilmington, Delaware, home, where his son Hunter Biden was living during his drug- and prostitute-laden frenzy while he was making deals with China, and at an office, Joe Biden formerly used at the political Penn Biden Center.

The Times report charged, “The decision by President Biden and his top advisers to keep the discovery of classified documents secret from the public and even most of the White House staff for 68 days was driven by what turned out to be a futile hope that the incident could be quietly disposed of without broader implications for Mr. Biden or his presidency.”

That scheme was developed even as Joe Biden was, at the same time, lashing out angrily at President Trump for keeping documents from his presidency in his Florida home. The FBI staged a SWAT raid on Trump’s home to retrieve those documents, even though Trump confirmed he, as president, had declassified them.

The documents found in Joe Biden’s possession were from his vice presidency, and vice presidents have no authority to declassify documents.

The Times report added, “The handful of advisers who were aware of the initial discovery on Nov. 2 — six days before the midterm elections — gambled that without going public, they could convince the Justice Department that the matter was little more than a minor, good-faith mistake, unlike former President Donald J. Trump’s hoarding of documents at his Florida estate.”

The Times cited “people familiar with the internal deliberations to spoke on condition of anonymity,” explaining the goal was to persuade the Justice Department to go easy because the Biden team was cooperating.

“In the short term, at least, the bet seems to have backfired. Mr. Biden’s silence while cooperating with investigators did not forestall the appointment of a special counsel, as his aides had hoped, but still resulted in a public uproar once it became clear that the White House had hidden the situation from the public for more than two months,” the Times said.

Part of the criticism, over Joe Biden’s claim the documents were protected because they were in a locked garage with his classic Corvette, has involved that the scandal was deliberately concealed from the public before, during, and after the 2022 election.

Biden, who has been smirking at reporters and refusing to answer questions about the scandal, finally broke the silence, with a statement that he has no regrets.

The Times reported, “The discussions on how to deal with the matter, at least at the start, were confined to a tight circle including the husband-and-wife pair of Bob Bauer, the president’s top personal lawyer, and Anita Dunn, a White House senior adviser; Stuart F. Delery, the White House counsel; and Richard Sauber, a White House lawyer overseeing the response to investigations, according to people familiar with the situation.”

Even Democrats now are turning on Biden over the scandal, especially his decision to try to hide the problem.

The Times reported, “The choice to keep silent for so long exacerbated the political damage when the news finally leaked out on Jan. 9. The days that followed, with a series of rolling disclosures and misstatements by the president’s public relations team, cemented the impression that Mr. Biden had not been forthcoming.”

Among the unanswered questions are why the situation was suppressed, why it took six weeks for details to become known, why Joe Biden’s personal lawyers, without authority to handle classified materials, were the ones looking for those documents, and more.

It was the Daily Mail that called the revelations a “bombshell report” and said it now has “blown up” on those who schemed it.

The report pointed out, “Both their attempts to control the story and to handle the Justice Department failed.”

The Daily Mail said, “All of this – the lack of disclosures, the misstatements, and Biden’s testiness – has contributed to the impression the White House has not been forthcoming and that their strategy on this has been a mistake.”

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