Musk sparks uproar with cryptic tweet about dying under ‘mysterious circumstances’ amid Twitter purchase bid

There has been an astonishing and revealing outburst of anger and fear from the ideological left in response to tech billionaire Elon Musk’s bid to purchase Twitter and stated plans to reform it to be a social media platform dedicated to protecting and promoting free speech and open dialogue.

Real concerns about the extent of the concerted opposition to Musk’s takeover of Twitter were stoked Sunday when Musk issued a cryptic and unexplained tweet about dying under “mysterious circumstances,” The Conservative Brief reported.

Musk upsets his mother with tweet about “mysterious” death

It was Sunday evening when Musk, without any additional elaboration, tweeted, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.”

A number of Twitter users seemed to take Musk’s message on Mother’s Day as a joke in the comments under his post, but that number did not include Musk’s own mother, Maye Musk, who retweeted her son’s post and wrote, “That’s not funny” with a pair of angry-faced emojis.

In response to what his mother had posted, Musk apologized and said, “Sorry! I will do my best to stay alive.”

Leftist Twitter employees angry and nervous over proposed changes

The Conservative Brief noted that it was entirely unclear who or what Musk may have been referencing in his cryptic tweet about dying under “mysterious circumstances,” and a range of theories as to who that might be was put forward in the many replies to his post, including the federal government, failed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, or perhaps even some of Twitter’s angry leftist employees.

There may actually be some circumstantial evidence in support of that latter theory about Twitter employees, given that Musk has recently been quite open about substantial changes he intends to make to the social media platform once his purchase bid is fully approved and completed.

Musk had posted a series of tweets outlining some proposed changes on May 6 in response to reporting from Fortune about an apparent surge in interest in Twitter by new job seekers in comparison to the growing angst of left-leaning current employees about how things might change once the billionaire had fully acquired the popular platform.

Those changes included being “super focused on hardcore software engineering, design, infosec & server hardware,” mandating that software and technical area managers actually be “excellent” in the fields they manage, and instilling “work ethic expectations” that would be “extreme” but not quite to the high level of expectations he has set for himself.

Musk’s Twitter takeover viewed as a “threat” by the left

Meanwhile, Fortune also noted that Twitter itself seemed to claim in an SEC filing that Musk’s takeover could pose a “potential threat” and have an “adverse effect” on the company’s financial bottom line, current employee retention, and ability to recruit new workers, among other worries.

In addition, Musk’s bid to purchase Twitter and restore it as a bastion of free speech has been widely denounced by the leftist elite, President Joe Biden’s administration, numerous elected Democrats, and countless media personalities — as they all seemingly support and benefit from the platform’s current partisan bias in favor of the left and censorship regime against conservatives and independents who dissent from leftist narratives and talking points.

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