Anti-gun crowd erupts over Musk picture of pair of apparent handguns on bedside table

Tech billionaire Elon Musk seemingly has an innate ability to trigger outrage from the left with just about anything that he says or does on Twitter on a near-daily basis.

The latest example was a picture he posted that appeared to show a pair of handguns on his bedside nightstand that prompted an outpouring of lecturing and scolding from anti-gun leftists about the danger posed by guns not safely stored away behind lock and key, the Daily Caller reported.

The most ironic aspect of the whole thing, however, is the post from Musk was probably just a joke as both handguns appear to be non-functioning replicas that pose no real danger to anybody — in other words, harmless toys or collector pieces.

OMG! Musk has guns on his bedside table!

In the early hours of Monday morning, Musk posted a photo of his bedside nightstand that showed several open cans of Diet Coke — and revealed an apparent aversion to coasters — along with a nearly empty bottle of water and the two apparent handguns, the first an antique flintlock pistol in a wooden case that featured the famed painting of General George Washington crossing the Delaware River, with the second appearing to be an oversized black and grey revolver.

The Daily Caller shared several examples of prominent anti-gun activists, as well as others who simply hate the man, who seized upon Musk’s photo and retweeted it with sharp criticism for leaving his guns sitting out and not storing them someplace safe where no child or anybody else could access them without permission.

Musk was also thoroughly accused of being an irresponsible gun owner and of placing his own children at heightened risk of injury or death by his not keeping the two handguns safely locked up.

Pair of handguns almost certainly aren’t even real

Except, as the Daily Caller and others soon pointed out, both of those apparent firearms are in all likelihood not even functional, as one is a replica of an antique collectible — which isn’t even regulated by the federal government even if it is real — while the other is probably just a replica based on a non-existent futuristic gun in either a movie or a video game.

First, the apparent antique collectible, which looks strikingly similar to the “Deluxe George Washington Boxed Set” sold for $124.99 by Replica Dungeon, which clearly states on the website that “This replica firearm is NON-FIRING and cannot be made to fire real ammunition.”

Then there is the apparent revolver, which doesn’t appear to even have a trigger and, according to the pro-gun website Free Range American, looks to be a 3D-printed replica of a futuristic — and in reality non-existent — DiamondBack .357 Magnum manufactured by the fictional Mustang Arms Ad-Tech Ltd. company and made famous in the popular video game “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.”

Much ado about nothing

In other words, the big, black, scary-looking revolver is literally a toy replica of a video game gun — which would be pretty cool if it were real — while the antique flintlock is a non-functioning replica of General Washington’s preferred sidearm that, even if it were real and functional, would provide Musk or anybody else with a single, poorly-aimed shot of an inaccurate round ball of lead … not exactly the weapon of choice for home defense or mass shootings.

None of that matters to the smug gun-grabbers and Musk-haters who have nothing better to do than criticize and pick apart an absurd photo posted as a joke or arrogantly lecture and scold someone they don’t even know about how they choose to keep and store their own firearms in their own home.

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