Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy unfollows Trump on Twitter

Without question, President Donald Trump’s prodigious use of Twitter has become a key aspect of his presidency and, for better or for worse, a vital tool in his effort to bypass the constructed narratives of the predominately liberal media to get his own message out to the American people.

Trump’s critics in Congress and the media can’t stand how effectively he uses Twitter, and contrived outrage often ensues when Trump’s Twitter pronouncements hit a little too close to home for them — something that recently prompted one Democrat legislator to announce that he would no longer follow the president on the social media platform.

Plugging his ears

The Hill reported that Democratic Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy announced in a tweet on Sunday that he would no longer follow President Trump’s “hate-filled, racist, and demeaning” Twitter account.

Murphy wrote, “I’m unfollowing the President of the United States today on Twitter, because his feed is the most hate-filled, racist, and demeaning of the 200+ I follow, and it regularly ruins my day to read it. So I’m just going to stop.”

“I can’t believe I just typed that,” Murphy added, in what was the social media equivalent of a child taking their ball and going home — or plugging their ears and humming loudly to avoid hearing unwelcome news.

Frustrated Dems cry racism

Murphy’s tweet came on the heels of a series of sharp tweets posted by Trump over the weekend that specifically targeted Democratic chair of the House Oversight Committee, Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Trump’s tweets called out the obvious corruption and dismal state of affairs in the city of Baltimore, which is part of Cummings’ district.

The president accurately noted how “disgusting,” crime-ridden and “rat-infested” the once beautiful city had become — outside of the clean touristy area — and how despite Cummings’ representation of the district for years and countless federal tax dollars offered in aid, little had been done to improve the city’s situation.

Considering that Cummings is black, and that Trump’s tweets against Cummings came on the heels of his repeated broadsides against the progressive “Squad” in the House — comprised of four “women of color” — Democrats and the media immediately accused Trump of being racist, even as he was literally beseeching Democrats to do more to help the minorities that live in filth in the forgotten parts of West Baltimore.

Into the line of fire

President Trump makes very efficient use of Twitter to get his message across, and while that message is sometimes delivered rather crudely or inartfully, it most often rings true and exposes the hypocrisy of the left.

Sen. Murphy can figuratively stick his fingers in his ears to ignore Trump by unfollowing him on Twitter, but that doesn’t make the president’s messages any less true or impactful among the American people.

Meanwhile, Murphy should probably get ready to be the subject of another barrage of tweets from the president calling him out for his hypocritical failures, as striking back hard at those who hit him first is and likely always will be the president’s modus operandi when it comes to social media.

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