Murdered anti-Putin journalist shows up alive at press conference

Note: This story has been updated to reflect new developments in the case. 

Arkady Babchcenko, a staunch critic of Vladimir Putin, was believed to have been murdered.

Needless to say, people were stunned when Babchcenko showed up at a news conference alive and well only 24 hours later.

The Plot

Rumors about an assassination attempt on Babchcenko were running rampant.

In an effort to protect Babchcenko, the Ukrainian Security Service (USS) set up a sting operation.

The agency announced Babchcenko had been found bleeding in his apartment by his wife, and that he had died.

By doing so, the agency hoped to flush out the individuals tasked with carrying out the hit on Babchcenko.

The plan worked, as the USS announced it had a man in custody that was charged with the assassination.

He was apparently apprehended after trying to hire one of his friends to help him commit the murder.

Reports stated the man had been paid $40,000 for the assassination attempt by Russian agents.

Relieved Family and Friends

When the news first broke about Babchcenko murder, the details were gruesome.

The report stated Babchcenko had been shot several times in the back and left to die.

Babchcenko then appeared at the press conference detailing the sting operation with a noticeable gasp throughout the attendees.

He apologized for deceiving his family and friends, who had no idea his death was a ruse to expose the plot to kill him.

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If the Ukrainians are correct in their investigation, Putin is going to have some serious explaining to do on the world stage.

And to think, journalists here in the United States think they have it bad because Trump calls them out on their lies!

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