Murder victim discovered in Maryland linked to D.C. gang: Report

Part of the crackdown on illegal immigration in the U.S. has been due to the rise of gang violence in this country.

After the body of Sara Gutierrez-Villatoro was discovered — apparently the victim of gang violence, according to NBC Washington — that crackdown is sure to increase.

Dead body discovered

Gutierrez-Villatoro’s body was found hidden in a wooded area in Maryland. The body was located in late November, but police had been quiet about the nature of the crime — until now.

This week, reports were made that four men were charged for her murder.

The four men are Rigoberto Machado, Jonathan Josue Rivera-Escobar, Jordan Ryan Moreno, and Geovany A. Dominguez-Escobar.

Both Rivera-Escobar and Machado were teenagers, with Machado only being 16 years old. Authorities have, however, decided to charge him as an adult in the case.

All four men are believed to have links to the 18th Street Gang.

The 18th Street Gang

According to The Washington Post: “The 18th Street gang, with roots in Los Angeles, has strong ties to Central America and is a bitter rival of the MS-13 gang. Both gangs have for years operated ‘cliques’ in the Washington metro area.”

In all, the gang is reported to have about 40,000 members in a network that spans across the entire country. Law enforcement puts them on par with MS-13, arguably the most notorious and violent gang in this country right now.

At the turn of the century, the gang was a major target of the FBI, with dozens of raids around the country being conducted, resulting in the arrests of hundreds of gang members.

In addition to murder, the gang is reportedly involved in prostitution, kidnapping, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, and illegal immigration.

Ye, they continue to operate, because Democrats refuse to admit individuals such as this are among those infiltrating our border on a daily basis. Until Dems admit this problem, the blood of people like Gutierrez-Villatoro is on their hands.

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