Murder-suicide leaves 4 dead in Henderson, Nevada

A rather disturbing scene played out in Henderson, Nevada on Thursday night.

A man turned a gun on himself after apparently taking the life of his wife and two children.

Shots Fired

Around 7:30 p.m. local time, neighbors heard shots fired from another home.

Authorities were immediately called.

Upon arriving on the scene, first responders found the house in question had been set on fire.

When authorities entered the home, they found four dead bodies inside: a woman, two children, and the man, who had died of an apparent suicide.


Authorities were not sure if the suicide victim was the one who started the fire or not.

However, from early reports, it appears the man set the fire before shooting himself to cover his tracks.

But when asked about the fire, Lt. Kirk Moore said they “don’t know 100 percent” that it was an intentionally set.

The incident took place on the 1100 block of Paradise Garden Drive in Henderson.

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Local media reported it as a private, gated community.

At this point, no further details are available about the shooter or the victims.

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