Murder-suicide at New York hospital claims two lives

A sad scene played out in a famous New York hospital earlier this week.

Richard DeLucia first took the life of his wife, Ann, then turned the gun on himself to commit suicide.

Mercy Killing

Richard apparently could no longer take seeing his wife suffer.

He reportedly left a note at the couple’s condo, then left for the hospital.

The man then used a .38-caliber gun to fire a single shot at his wife to put her out of her “misery.”

Richard then turned the gun on himself to take his own life.

A neighbor of the DeLucia’s said: “Everybody’s just shocked.”


With several recent attacks taking place both in hospitals and against medical personnel, Westchester Medical Center security personnel went into immediate action upon hearing the shots fired.

According to witnesses, the security team locked the hospital down immediately.

Local law enforcement arrived only minutes after the shooting was called in.

The uneasiness of both the staff and patients at the location is completely understandable.

Just a few weeks ago, in what is now believed to have been an assassination, a cardiologist was murdered just outside his hospital.

There is also a case of a disgraced doctor who was forced to resign amid sexual harassment allegations opening fire inside his former hospital, killing one and injuring six more.

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Famous Hospital

This is not the first time Westchester Medical Center has been in the headlines.

In 2004, Bill Clinton was taken there complaining of chest pains.

Hannah Storm, an ESPN reporter, was also treated there in 2012 after being injured from a propane gas grill accident.

Still, it’s sad to see them in the news for a reason like this.

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